• Dar El Mohtawa El Araby (DEC) is a Language Service Provider established in Cairo, Egypt in 2017, as a startup in the field of localization and content development. Dar El Mohtawa El Araby (DEC) has accumulated experience from its incubator, Arabize, one of the oldest and biggest Localization firms in the Middle East and Africa.

  • With its newfound system, Dar El Mohtawa El Araby had the opportunity to establish a knowledgeable & reliable working environment based on the years of teachings and expertise gained through its effective partnership with Arabize Ltd.

  • At Dar El Mohtawa El Araby we aim to provide you with your localization solutions on time and within budget in order to maximize your brand’s exposure in different areas around the globe.

  • Dar El Mohtawa El Araby has also been the sole authorized reseller of Trados’s products within the Arab Republic of Egypt since 2017.

Our Strategy


Our Vision is to be among the top multilingual providers of Localization and Content Management in the MENA region


Our aim is to use our attained knowledge to deliver high quality localization for the whole MENA region, accommodating a variation in dialects, laws, currencies, etiquette, customs, and business practices.


DEC provides highly satisfactory quality localization and translation services in Arabic, enabling our clients to penetrate their target market. These services are more than just translating a product, but rather adapting it with all its features, functions, and content to the Arabic culture. DEC is specialized in localization in the following areas, ICT, financial, education, consumer products (fashion, food & beverage), sports & leisure, media & marketing, and more.

DEC offers more services to enrich the localization or translation process. This includes; Localization Engineering to overcome technical challenges that associate with the localized products especially with LTR languages, and Desktop Publishing to keep the look and feel of the original product.

We provide a wide range of high-quality content development services in Arabic and English, abiding by international standards. In order to help our partners have publications that meet their needs, we bring a wealth of experience in information gathering, copywriting/copyediting and technical writing; producing different types of professionally well-written publications. This include; website content, marketing publications, e-Gov portals, user guides, online and web help, training materials, procedures, and business proposals.

DEC now has its own training center where high-quality training courses are conducted by professional subject-matter experts. We provide courses both for organizations and individuals. We offer; Localization-related Courses, Content-related Courses, and Client-tailored Courses and the same fields.

DEC has become the authorized reseller for Trados language technologies in Egypt. We are more than happy to contribute to promoting the Language Service industry in Egypt on both the demand and supply sides. Whether individuals, companies, universities, translation offices, enterprises or any other entities, they will definitely find an appropriate solution for their needs.

  • ICT
  • E-learning
  • Sports, Leisure & recreation
  • Consumer products (fashion, food & beverage)
  • Media Agencies
  • Finance & Banking
  • MLVs



22 Anwar El Mofty Street Part 3,
Administrative Building Tiba 2000,
Nasr City, Cairo


+202 24055195


Sun-Thu 9am - 5pm

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